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You want to be an amazing voice teacher (or become even better) but you:

  • Don't know where to start.
  • Are worried about retention or finding your first or next voice students.
  • Have Imposter Syndrome - even if you are already a great singer or have experience teaching... you'd like to feel more confident working 1:1 with voice students.
  • Don't feel organized and just want a clear method or path.
  • Have the words to communicate the solution to your singers.
  • Want to be able to offer different solutions that helps singers with different learning styles.
  • Need practice or experience identifying the vocal problems that singers are having.

Ideal for singers who want to become a great (or even better) voice teacher without feeling like an imposter or like you aren't sure what to do next in lessons.


In this program, you will:

  • Learn how to identify and solve vocal problems for your singers.
  • Simply and effectively communicate solutions to the singers that you work with.
  • Choose vocal exercises that match your students goals.
  • Get referrals on repeat - so you never have to market again.
  • Become a GREAT voice teacher that helps your singers feel more comfortable and confident and get results.
  • Learn and apply REAL - WORLD practical techniques that WORK inside of a 1:1 voice lesson.
  • Get hands on experience and feedback on your teaching throughout the program.
  • Get my complete method so that you have a clear path about exactly what to do next inside voice lessons. 

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Here's what people are saying about Tiffany and her programs!


"I like that you address common singing myths that even doctoral level professors continue to perpetuate."

"Your generous and honest approach is wonderful!"

Frequently Asked Questions


If you want to be a GREAT voice teacher - this program is for you.


If you haven't watched the video above...highly recommend doing that NOW! That video will give you a great feel about what this program is about and you!

Let's be real, there are a ton of voice teachers out there faking it until they make it, or just doing the first vocal exercises that come to mind or the only ones that they know...

It's not your fault! EVEN if you have a music degree or are a great singer, the world does not equip us to be great teachers. It's a SKILL. 

AND if you are a great music teacher...that doesn't automatically make you feel comfortable teaching vocal technique - or knowing what to do... and that's ok! 

This program is NOT going to be another stuffy vocal science or pedagogy class that leaves you wondering how to actually apply the things that you learn. 

  • You will get HANDS ON experience, feedback and a clear path to follow to give you a strong foundation in the teaching of voice!
  • You will also feel completely confident running a 1:1 studio! Whether you want 5 students or 55 students - you'll have the framework and confidence to get paid WELL for what you do the easy way.

I'm so excited to help you feel comfortable and confident and become a GREAT voice teacher who is able to inspire, encourage, and make a HUGE difference in the lives of the singers that you work with!

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Let's get you on the right track to create an impactful and inspiring voice studio while making a sustainable income. Apply now!

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