Why Your Vocal Warm-Ups Aren't Working - and what to do about it.

warm-ups May 04, 2020

If you are practicing more than 10-15 minutes a day and not hearing your singing improve there is something wrong and it’s not your fault!

Why Your Vocal Warm-Ups Aren’t Working For You 

  • You are running scales mindlessly or practicing your vocal warm-ups without thinking about anything specific. 
  • If this is you, this is NOT your fault. 
  • You search YouTube videos or bought a random audio CD of vocal warm-ups but it has nothing to do with the level you are at or what you want to improve.
 No wonder you aren’t getting any better! 
  • You know that you should be practicing your scales or warm-ups, but they are SO boring and your singing is not improving anyway! 
  • If that’s you check out this training on how to ditch boring and pointless vocal warm-ups. 
  • You have no idea what techniques you “should be” practicing right now in order to hear your singing improve.

Vocal Warm-Ups Vs. Vocal Exercises 

You don’t need to warm-up your voice. I’m going to say that again….you don’t need vocal warm-ups. WHY? Because you can warm-up your voice AND work on your technical skills at the same time with vocal exercises.
Vocal exercises are different then vocal warm-ups because they:
  • Have a specific technical purpose in your vocal training.
  • Help you to develop muscle memory so that you can sing consistently automatically - without having to worry about technique or if you are sounding good. 
  • Because you are using specific focus points and only focusing on 1 thing during each vocal exercise - you can see which focus points actually make a difference in your singing and then use repetition to build muscle memory. 
  • You can learn more about your voice and how it may change or feel different from day to day.
If you want your singing to improve faster and you want to know how to use muscle memory and focus points to 4x every single practice session, check out this free training over how to sing like a paid professional without boring or pointless vocal warm-ups. 
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