How To Control Your Voice When Singing

If you feel like when you sing:
  • Your voice feels out of control 
  • One day your pitch is just fine, but the next day it’s all over the place
  • Your voice doesn’t always feel the same 
  • When you practice, you voice sounds great, but in a performance, it doesn’t sound the way that you practice
There is 1 BIG reason why your voice feels out of control when you are singing and this is SO easy to tweak today. 


How To Control Your Voice When Singing: The #1 Thing


THE most important thing that you can do TODAY to control your voice long term is to: SING LOUDER.
Most of the singers that come in for a first voice lesson with me are singing too quietly to develop any sort of consistency. 
There may be a TON of reasons why you are choosing to sing quietly:
  • You want to make sure your pitch is on point first.
  • You aren’t sure if you sound good.
  • You don’t want to disturb your neighbors. 
  • You want to have dynamic contrast in your songs.
  • You have no idea how loud and powerful your voice can actually be! 
While these are totally all legit reasons for singing quietly, that isn’t going to help you to control your voice. 
Since your body is your instrument, when you are constantly changing your airflow, tidal volume, air pressure, lung volume...yes it gets a bit nerdy...because there is a LOT going on! When you are constantly changing the information that you give to your body, it is impossible for your body to develop the muscle memory that you need in order to control your voice. 
So, the first thing that I work on with the singers in my studio is making sure that they are releasing their voice. Put another way, making sure that you aren’t holding your voice back. 
Imagine riding a Thoroughbred racehorse and pulling back on the reigns, when all she wants to do is run? That is exactly what you are doing to your voice when you hold it back. 

How To Control Your Voice When Singing: Action Steps 


Let’s try an exercise that I do with most of the singers that I work with in a first lesson. 
  1. Sing a song - any song. In a prefect world, you’d be able to sing the song BEFORE you looked at the next step. 
  2. Evaluate on a scale of 1-10 how loud you were singing with 10 being your loudest, full effort, fully released and free voice. 
What is your number?
The first time that I do this with singers, most will say 3-4. That’s 30 -40%. How are you EVER going to be able to control you voice if you are always singing 30-40%? You aren’t. 
The best recommendation that I have for you… is to... 
Sing at at least a Level 8/10 at all times for a couple of months and then evaluate your results. 
80% of the singers that I work with in 1:1 lessons and inside the Star Singer Green Room, my program for singers who want to sing like paid professionals in 1 year,  have said that this is one of the most powerful things that has changed their voice in the smallest amount of time. 
Give it a try and then send me a DM on Instagram and let me know how it goes for you! 
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