How To Become A Successful Singer: 8 Things Successful Singers Do

get started singing Feb 05, 2021

If you want to become a successful singer, whatever your version of becoming a “successful singer” means to you, you can do these 8 things or even just a few to get you closer to the singer that you want to become. 
These 8 things are the difference between a singer that actually improves and one who gets overwhelmed, frustrated, and gives up on their dreams
The great news is that these 8 things are TOTALLY in your control.


How to Become A Successful Singer : What does success mean to you? 


Becoming a successful singer can mean totally different things for different singers. Which one below describes how you envision using your singing now and in the future the best?
  • I’m a Songwriter who wants to feel more confident in my singing.
  • I want to become an international touring artist.
  • I just want to sing and feel good about my singing.
  • I want to be a recording artist. 
  • I want to use my vocals for TV and movie sync licensing. 
I’m so curious... how do you envision using your singing now and in the future?  Send me a DM on IG @TiffanyVanBoxtel and let me know! 

How to Become A Successful Singer : 8 Things Successful Singers Do


I’ve listed these in order of impact on your singing. The ones at the top of the list will make the biggest difference in your singing if you can only implement 1 or 2 of them at a time...going in order is my best recommendation. 
1. Have An Open Mind - the singers that I work with that have the most success and the biggest improvement in the shortest amount of time,  have an open mind. They are ready to try new things and experiment with new ideas. THIS BEATS TALENT EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Hands down. 


2. Commit - You have SO much going on. Your life is busy. Totally get it. But here’s the thing... If you want your singing to improve, if this is important to you, commitment is essential. I get it, it can be SO easy to be impatient if you aren’t hearing the results that you want. But question for you - have you fully committed to your singing practice? Do you have a routine? Do you have a coach? What small thing can you commit to today to help you achieve your results? 
Here are some ideas to help you to get started:
  • Work on your vocal exercises 10-15 minutes a day 3-4 times a week.
  • If you feel like you need accountability, signing up for 1:1 voice lessons might be the best option for you.
  • Commit to 1 IG live per month featuring 3 new songs. 
3. Invest In Yourself - the 2 biggest ways that you can invest in yourself are through time and money. 
I’m so curious.. Which thought comes into your mind first…
I don’t have time to practice my singing.”
I don’t have money for private voice lessons or programs.
When most people think “I don’t have time” - if we dig to the next thought, what singers usually mean is…
  • If I did have time to practice...what would I even practice?
  • I’m already practicing a little, but I’m not hearing any results. I must have to practice hours and hours if I want to hear any changes in my voice.
  • I’m not hearing any results and I don’t know what to do next.
 You are NOT alone! 
You don’t need to spend hours a day practicing. The singers that I work with in 1:1 lessons and in the Star Singer Green Room are hearing amazing results with just 10-15 minutes of practice 3-4 times a week. 
 If singing is something that is important to you...let’s do this. In fact, I have a FREE training over how to sing like a paid professional in 1 year, without boring or pointless vocal warm-ups...and taking an hour out of your day today to check it out may be the best investment that you could make in yourself today. And it’s it’s kind of a no brainer. ;)


 4. Train - training is the heart and soul of what you do as a singer. For singers, training is divided up into two sections:
Technical vocal exercises - so that you never have to worry about sounding good. You’ve developed the muscle memory to make your singing consistent and automatic. I show you exactly how to do this inside of this free training here.
 Since most singers are so worried about how they may never get around to the fun stuff which is...
 Performance training - learning how to connect emotionally with your audience, working on song choices, effective breathing and phrasing, set lists, transitions. THIS is where you can get really creative. The sad thing is that SO many singers never get to this part because they are either worried about sounding good… OR they are too busy just focusing on memorizing the song. If this is you, you are not alone...but there is a better way. 


5. Ask for help  - I get it… I don’t like asking for help either. Here’s my thing...I feel weird about asking someone for help. If I were moving and I needed a truck or needed some help moving my stuff...I would feel weird about asking for help. So, I understand. 
I WOULD NOT feel weird asking for help from a coach if I was learning a skill. Especially if you are paying for it and especially if it’s something that you want to learn well. 
You are not your own voice teacher. Singing is SO abstract and since your voice is part of your can be super easy to develop negative thoughts about your singing...and THIS is where having expert guidance can really really help you get out of your own head. 
Step 1 for you may be reaching out to me on IG @TiffanyVanBoxtel...seriously. Send me a DM and let’s chat about what you need help with. 
Or, maybe you have your own voice teacher GREAT! Why are you reading this post right now? I’m SERIOUS. Why are you reading this post? You should be asking your voice teacher these questions...and if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, maybe it’s time for a new voice teacher. Or, maybe it’s time for you to make sure that you ask...that’s what they are there for. ;)

6. Trust the process - if you are working with a teacher or following a voice program or course that has worked for other the process.  Just do it with an open mind. I’m not saying that you should follow blindly...but don’t allow your self-doubt or your bad experiences to get in the way of the new process. Give it a try to the best of your ability with an open mind. If this is hard for you...I totally get it...give yourself a deadline. You could say, I’m going to do this to the best of my ability for 30 days before I evaluate or make any more decisions about if this is a good fit for me or not.
7. Learn How To Evaluate Yourself Without Judgement - this is an advanced step. It’s going to be nearly impossible to do this without having taken voice lessons or without working with yourself in the practice room. This is about asking productive questions. So instead of thinking 
“Wow, that sounded horrible...I’m never going to be able to do this.”
You’ll have the experience and guidance to consider asking a productive question.
“Wow, that did not come out the way that I wanted to. Why not? What can I change?” 
This is the difference between a singer who gives up out of frustration and negative self judgement and one who can self coach. Again, this is an advanced skill..but if you’ve been taking voice lessons for a while, give it a try. The next time that you get frustrated with yourself or your singing, think of a productive question that can help you solve the problem instead of leaving you feeling bad about it. 
8. Believe - Believe that it can be done. Believe in yourself. Believe in the person that you choose as your vocal coach. This can be done and I am 100% here to help you!


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