How To Relax When Singing: Avoid The Worst Singing Advice Ever!

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2021

This episode is for you if you:
  • Get nervous and tense before performing or recording 
  • Worry about if you sound good - pretty much all the time 
  • Think a LOT of negative thoughts about your singing. 
  • Feel like you are a pretty good singer, but you get horrible stage fright. 
  • Want to reduce the tension in your body when you sing. 
  • Want to use all that nervous energy to your advantage instead of freaking out. 
Have you ever heard someone tell you that you just need to relax in order to become a better singer?
Here are some examples:
  • Relax your jaw 
  • Relax your tongue
  • You have so much tension, you just need to relax.
  • Relax and let your voice out 

How To Relax When Singing: Distract Yourself 


Let’s pretend that you are having a conversation with someone and all of the sudden they tell you to “just relax.” How do you feel? Telling someone to relax is a sure fire way to escalate the situation! 
I don’t know about you but when someone tells me to relax I immediately start to get defensive and create MORE tension in my body. 
Your brain needs something to do in order to STOP you from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when the directive “just relax” doesn’t work for you - and it probably won’t. 
SO...What do you actually want from your singing? You only want to "relax" because that is what someone else is telling you that you "should do" to make your singing better.
  • Do you want it to sound good?
  • Do you want to feel happy and proud after a performance?
  • Do you want people to tell you how great of a singer you are?
There is NO wrong answer… but what do you actually want?
Let’s give your brain something to focus on. 

For example, when I work with singers, I give them specific focus points to work on like:
  • Singing a level 8/10 
  • Breathe on beat 8. 

When you give your brain a specific task to focus on this is a POWERFUL way to amplify your training because:
  • You no longer have the brain space to worry about how you sound. 
  • Plus, you develop the muscle memory in order to control your voice automatically. 
If you want to hear more about the process to amplify your vocal training 4x every single time so that you can control your voice automatically,  you can head over and check out this free training here. 

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