How To Improve Your Singing Voice Quality In 2 Weeks


Let’s transform your voice in 2 weeks! Today we are going to go through exactly what I would recommend for you if you were coming into my 1:1 studio for private lessons for the first time. 
This is for you if:
  • You have no idea where to start
  • You’ve been singing for a while, but you haven’t heard any improvement and you really need something step-by step. 
  • You have stopped singing for a while and want to get back the voice that you once had. 
This isn’t just for beginners! This is for anyone who wants to build a stronger singing foundation so that you can eliminate problems like pitch, inconsistent vocal tone and strain. 

How To Improve Your Singing Voice Quality In 2 Weeks: The Easy Way


If you just want to jump right in and go for it, I actually created a mini course called 2 week transformation which goes through everything that we would go through in the first 2 weeks of private voice lessons. Oh yeah….and it’s an $80 value for just $9. 
Yes, the course is $9.
I wanted to make it a complete no brainer for you so you can just jump right in and go for it.

How To Improve Your Singing Voice Quality In 2 Weeks: The Process


Here's the deal...most singers never learn how to release the voice and that’s why you are having problems with pitch, strain and inconsistency now. If you can master the vocal exercises in this mini course- and can dedicate just 2 weeks to are going to eliminate future pitch and inconsistency problems. 
The first two weeks of two week singing transformation   is ALL about releasing your voice and starting to develop what I call my Strong Singing Foundation...what you are going to build EVERYTHING...including your confidence which is going to allow you to focus on the things that you truly want to focus on like:
  • Connecting emotionally with the audience
  • Enjoying your performance
  • Creating music that you love.
  • Sharing your music with others
  • Creating recordings that you are proud of.
Instead of worrying about how your voice sounds all the time.
Most singers never improve the way that they want to, because they don't learn how to release the voice - stereotypically many programs and teachers focus on the breath first, but you don't need more breath if you don't know how to release your breath. 
Put another way...your car doesn't need more gas if it doesn't even start.
Another reason why releasing the voice is the bomb is because it is going to eliminate SO many future issues. When you release your voice, you can understand, feel, and teach your body what it means to sing at your very aren't holding your voice back. This is why a lot of singers find that it's difficult to control their voice during a performance, they aren't practicing the same volume and effort level during their training as in a performance. Then, when your body gets more energy during a performance, it isn't used to using it all. There is a LOT going on! 
For a lot of singers, not holding the voice back will feel very strange at might feel like you are singing too loud. Allowing your voice to release might feel scary A lot of singers are SO concerned with pitch, but if your body doesn't know what it feels like to release your voice fully, worrying about pitch will be a problem all of your let's dedicate the next 2-3 weeks NOT worrying about your pitch, just following the program and I promise that you will start hearing and feeling results!
Get started with your two week transformation here!
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