How to Control Your Vibrato When Singing

pitch vocal technique Jun 14, 2021

 Vibrato is an amazing tool that you can use as a singer to monitor your improvement, freedom, efficiency, vocal tone, and vocal control. 
This episode is for you if you’ve been wondering:
  • What is vibrato?
  • When does vibrato happen?
  • How do you control vibrato as a singer?
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How To Control Your Vibrato When Singing: What is vibrato?


The dictionary defines vibrato as “a rapid, slight variation in pitch in singing or playing some musical instruments, producing a stronger or richer tone”. 
Wikipedia defines vibrato as “a musical effect consisting of a regular, pulsating change of pitch. It is used to add expression to vocal and instrumental music. Vibrato is typically categorized as two factors: the amount of pitch variation and the speed with which the pitch is varied”. 
Keep in mind that straight tone singing can be preferred for some styles of music, especially by choral directors, but it can also be constricting! 
So many singers say, “I hate my vibrato”, or ask questions like “How can I make my vibrato go away” or “How can I control my vibrato?”
This is always so interesting, because when you hear vibrato in your voice it means that your voice is the most technically perfect and efficient that it can be. Vibrato is a sign that your singing is awesome!!
There are so many ideas and definitions of vibrato, so let’s get into it!


How to Control Your Vibrato When Singing: When does vibrato happen?


You don’t actually control your vibrato when you sing - it happens automatically as a sign of efficiency. 
If your vibrato comes out with a warble sound, it means that it is manufactured and not natural! If you have good airflow, the oscillation will come naturally and you won’t get that warble sound.
Scientifically, what causes vibrato? Vibrato happens at an equal distance above and below the pitch. With a regular oscillation, you still hear that fundamental tone and you still sound in tune. Vibrato occurs when you have a great balance of space and airflow. 


Airflow is one of the very first things that I teach singers that I work with, both in my studio and in the Star Singer Green room. If you have never thought in terms of airflow, it is going to change your life! Once you have consistent and efficient airflow, vibrato is going to come naturally. 
You want to have enough space for the pitch to resonate. While the location of this space varies by singer or even the range they are singing in, most people start by opening up the inside or outside of their mouths.
In its most basic form, vibrato comes from a great balance of both airflow and space. 
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