Captivate Your Audience: 4 Steps To Your Dream Singing Performance

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In this training, you will walk away with...

The Dream Performance Process

The 4 step system that has been proven in Tiffany's studio to help singers give standing ovation-worthy performances every time.

3 Mistakes

The 3 biggest mistakes that singers make and how you can easily avoid them.


A Custom Training Plan

Learn how to create a training plan based on your dreams and goals so that you know exactly what to practice in order to move your singing forward.

This Is For You If:

  • You are a singer who performs or wants to give live performances online or in person.
  • You love to sing, but wonder if you sound good enough to sing live or record an album.
  • You want give amazing singing performances that make you feel comfortable, confident, and in total control of your voice before AND after walking off stage.
  • Want to use your singing to make a bigger impact, but just wish that you understood how your voice is unique and stands out from the crowd.

Hosted by Tiffany VanBoxtel of Star Singer

Tiffany has helped singers feel more comfortable, confident, and in total control of their performances for over 10 years.

She has worked in a 1:1 setting with hundreds of singers just like you.

There are so many small and simple tweaks that singers can make in their training and performances that make a HUGE difference in both confidence, sound, and the way that the audience receives your performance. This is why Tiffany is choosing to share the Dream Performance Process with you.

This experience lead to her creating her 4 step Dream Performance Process that she is going to share with you today so that you can give vocal performances that you are proud of.



Get Instant Access

Following the training, there will be an opportunity for singers to work more in depth on their vocals and singing performances through the paid "Star Singer Green Room" Community so that singers can transform their performances and feel more confident and in control of their vocals.

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