Sing Higher Elite

The complete course for singers who want to sing higher and sound great!

There is an easier way to sing higher and sound great without years of voice lessons!


Yes! I want to sing higher now!

5 Steps That Make Singing Higher Simple

This course will lead you through all of the vocal exercises that you need in order to sing higher and more powerful and sound great. Having trouble blending your head and chest voice or navigating the vocal break? Sing Higher Elite is PERFECT for you!

The secret to singing higher and sounding great is Tiffany's 5 Step Sing Higher System, which she's developed over 10 years of working 1:1 with singers just like you! 

These 5 SIMPLE steps are included inside Sing Higher Elite to make it easy for you to push play and hear yourself confidently singing higher.

1. A Strong Singing Foundation 

2. Strengthen Your Head Voice 

3. Strengthening The Chest Voice.

4. Blending The Head Voice and Chest Voice.

5. Advanced Techniques For Expanding the Range and Optimizing The Mixed Voice.

If you can commit to just 10-15 minutes of training a day 3-4 times a week for 60 days... YOU WILL HEAR and feel a MAJOR difference in your singing! (And so will everyone else!)


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Joseph G.

"I can now belt out higher notes unlike ever before!"


The course (Sing Higher Elite) has really helped to open up my high notes. It's part of my daily training!

Bob B.

"Worth every penny."