Episode 158: 2 Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques For Singing

breathing Oct 20, 2019

You're not going to want to miss this episode, because I'm going to show you two breathing techniques that you can use to improve your pitch and vocal tone...and they are so easy to do!
Breathing technique for singing is legitimate rocket science. If we did a calculation and included lung capacity, tidal pressure, air flow, and frequency...you would be so amazed at your bodies ability to sing. It really is quite amazing! So, let's make this super simple. 

Breathing Techniques For Singing: The Big Problems

1. Too much air pressure - this can cause tension, strain, and vocal loss. It can also cause your singing to be out of tune. 
2. Changing the shape of your trachea - this changes the resonant space of your instrument and creates unwanted changes in inconsistency in terms of pitch, control, and vocal tone. 


Breathing Techniques For Singing: Easy Solutions


1. The Silent Breath - Breathe in through your nose with an open mouth in order to keep the trachea open. This will make your pitch and vocal tone more consistent instantly. It's an easy tweak, so give it a try. 
2. Keep your shoulders down when you breathe in - try putting your hands on your shoulders and make sure they are staying down and that your body is grounded. If you can do this - your body will start to learn how to breathe correctly in order to use your external intercostals that will help your diaphragm sink, your lungs expand, and contribute to amazing breath support. 


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