Breathing Techniques For Singers: How Deborah Transformed Her Understanding Of The Breath and Was Nominated Amazing Female Voice Of The Year.

breathing May 10, 2021


Deborah is a member of the Star Singer Green Room, a paid community for singers, singer-songwriters and independent artists who want to give performances that they are proud of.
Deborah was nominated for Amazing Female Voice 2020 in 2 categories!
 You can find Deborah's music on all streaming platforms, or on her website,


I sat down to chat with Deborah about: 
  • Deborah's musical journey and why she chose to join the Green Room.
  • How, even after working with 10 voice teachers, Deborah didn't feel like she had a great understanding of the breath and how to use it.
  • What Deborah discovered about the breath and how it helps her to sing higher and feel more confident.
  • Why the external intercostals should be focused on instead of the diaphragm.
  • Releasing the breath vs. conserving the breath.
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How To Breathe For Singing: Why Breathing With Your Diaphragm Doesn't Work

breathing vocal technique Jan 26, 2021

Good breathing technique is essential for power, volume, consistency and vocal tone. It also plays a role in matching pitch consistently and staying in tune. Breathing impacts a TON of things when it comes to your singing! 

How To Breathe For Singing: The Myth

When you think about how to breathe for singing, what is the first thing that you think of? Is it something like “you have to support from the diaphragm?” Ok, you may be thinking HOW do I support with the diaphragm? 
 Here’s the thing...while your diaphragm is involved with how to breathe for is not the key player. Medical professionals actually disagree on if the diaphragm can be directly controlled. What do I mean? Let’s say you want to move a don’t think too hard about it. But what if you want to move your diaphragm? How do you know you are actually moving your diaphragm and it’s not just your stomach? Well, you don’t.
I want to...
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Episode 158: 2 Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques For Singing

breathing Oct 20, 2019

You're not going to want to miss this episode, because I'm going to show you two breathing techniques that you can use to improve your pitch and vocal tone...and they are so easy to do!
Breathing technique for singing is legitimate rocket science. If we did a calculation and included lung capacity, tidal pressure, air flow, and would be so amazed at your bodies ability to sing. It really is quite amazing! So, let's make this super simple. 

Breathing Techniques For Singing: The Big Problems

1. Too much air pressure - this can cause tension, strain, and vocal loss. It can also cause your singing to be out of tune. 
2. Changing the shape of your trachea - this changes the resonant space of your instrument and creates unwanted changes in inconsistency in terms of pitch, control, and vocal tone. 


Breathing Techniques For Singing: Easy Solutions


1. The Silent Breath - Breathe in through your nose with an open mouth in order to keep the trachea...
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