How To Release A Single And Rock Your Next Release - with Bree Noble

getting started Mar 25, 2021

 If you've released an album, or want to learn how to release a single, album, or EP... you are not going to want to miss this. Bree Noble shares the secrets of how to release a single so that it's a success!
 We go over:
  • The most strategic way to release your music.
  • The biggest mistakes that people make when releasing their albums.
  • The old music industry vs. the new music industry.
  • The best time to release your album
  • How long does it take in order to release an album and really get the most out of it?
  • How can we ensure a successful release?
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How to Release a Single - Who is Bree?

Bree started out with her online platform, “Women of Substance” where she promotes music by female musicians on an online radio station turned podcast. She then began a female entrepreneur musician brand where she helps female musicians learn how to market themselves. Now, she runs a Profitable Musician Summit, where she helps all musicians find income streams and become profitable. 


How to Release a Single - Album vs. Single

So many artists have SO much music that they want to get out that they are actually holding themselves back.  You’ve written all of this music, so why not release it?! 
Bree’s strategies focus on releasing an album, while also releasing singles leading up to it! 
Audiences are still buying CDs and WANT to think in albums, while singles help get your name out there and get your fans excited. So why not use both to your advantage?

How to release a single - physical vs digital 

Bree’s strategies focus on both physical releases and digital releases. 
We love to have release parties to get our fans excited about supporting you and enjoying your music! Whether in person, online, or both, your fans want to be involved. 


How to Release a Single - How to plan your release strategy

There are so many things to juggle when it comes to planning a release. It’s important to have all of these things done ahead of time to make the most of your release. 
  • Book a tour around your release. If you wait until your album is released, you won’t be able to book shows right away. It takes time to connect with venues and get on their calendar, so by the time you’re able to book gigs, your album is old news. 
  • Do your PR research. Like booking a tour, you want to make sure you do your PR research and reach out before your album is released. If you wait until after, your album is old news. 
  • Plan your release party. You don’t want to find yourself trying to plan this two weeks ahead of your release! 
  • Submit for Spotify playlisting. Spotify only allows you to do this before your song is released. You can’t go back and do this afterwards!
So often, artists put all of their focus on the music, the recording, and the production, and don’t pay attention to everything else, but it’s all so important! Having a plan and knowing when these things need to happen allows you to outsource the parts you don’t want to do or don’t know how to do. 
If you really want to take advantage of all of these strategies, Bree recommends giving yourself 12 months to get them all in place. This is a great way to help you feel in control without being stressed out about the timeline, 12 months is ideal. 
This might sound extreme, but remember - you will be releasing singles along the way, BEFORE your album or EP is released. 

How to Release a Single - What makes a release successful? 

1. Did you break even?
Many artists, when releasing, set an initial goal of breaking even as opposed to making a ton of money. It’s important to understand that at first, you may not make much money off of your release BUT that over time, you will continue to make money on sales and streams. 
So, how can you make money along the way, before you even release your music? 
  • Crowdfunding
  • Sponsorships 
  • Pre-Order campaigns
2. Did you grow your fanbase? 
This is one of the biggest ways to measure your success. Were you able to utilize marketing opportunities along the way to build your fanbase to be bigger than it was before? Have you built your fanbase to a higher level
3. Did you make the most of this release?
Make sure you get through your release without regretting any missed opportunities. So many artists get to the release and say things like... 
  • I should have booked a tour 
  • I should have gotten more press
  • I should have focused on getting my singles on Spotify playlists 
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