How To Get Your Voice Back To Where It Used To Be And Beyond

Do any of these sound like you? 
  • You felt like you were a pretty decent singer before, but you’ve been out of practice for a while now. 
  • You are a bit older and wonder if it’s even possible to get your voice back to where it once was. 
  • You are recovering from vocal fatigue, overuse, or a vocal injury in the past. 
  • You are looking for a way to maintain and improve your voice
I’ve helped a ton of singers with this exact thing. In fact, I actually have an episode over this with Star Singer Green Room member, Deborah. She is a seasoned singer doing amazing things, so check out her episode where we go through her journey!
Let’s start out with the facts: 
  • The voice is in it’s prime between the ages of 35-45.. MUCH later than a ton of other things.
  • Your body is your instrument - “you don’t use it you lose it.”
  • You can train your vocal muscle groups just like any...
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How To Start A Singing Career - with Rick Barker

getting started Mar 31, 2021

Rick Barker is the host of the Music Industry Blueprint Podcast, Former Manager of Taylor Swift. Co-Author of The $150,000 Music Degree. If you want to learn how to start a singing career, this is for you. 
 We chat about:
  • Rick's journey from radio host, to manager of Taylor Swift, to his online program The Music Industry Blueprint.
  • How the internet has changed the game for the music industry.
  • The roles and responsibilities of managers for singers and music artists.
  • Keeping solution-oriented and honest mentors in your life and the right group of people to help you.
  • Everyone needs a vocal coach and it is an ongoing process.
  • Slow down, be patient and focus on YOU and your craft.
  • Make investments in yourself first and then turn this into a business and career.
  • The 4 best ways to market your music for free.


How To Start A Singing Career - Rick’s Journey


Nearly 30 years ago, Rick got his start in the music industry in radio. He...
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How To Release A Single And Rock Your Next Release - with Bree Noble

getting started Mar 25, 2021

 If you've released an album, or want to learn how to release a single, album, or EP... you are not going to want to miss this. Bree Noble shares the secrets of how to release a single so that it's a success!
 We go over:
  • The most strategic way to release your music.
  • The biggest mistakes that people make when releasing their albums.
  • The old music industry vs. the new music industry.
  • The best time to release your album
  • How long does it take in order to release an album and really get the most out of it?
  • How can we ensure a successful release?
Want to make sure that your vocals are on point before your next album release? I've created a free training that goes through the 4 step Pro Singer System so that you can feel comfortable, confident, and in total control of your voice on stage and in the recording studio. We go over this inside the free training here >



How to Release a Single - Who is...

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Episode 220: How To Start To Develop Your Own Unique Singing Voice

getting started Apr 26, 2020

In this episode, we talk about how to start to develop your own unique singing voice, why what you've been doing hasn't been working, and what you can do about it.

I want you to feel comfortable and confident with your singing and your vocal performances, so if you would like a 1:1 strategy to transform your singing and vocal performances, let's chat. DM me on Instagram @tiffanyvanboxtel just say "1:1 Strategy" for your free strategy chat.

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I also created a free training for you over the 4 step Dream Performance Process that I use with singers in my studio to help them to give performances that they are proud of! Check out the free training here >

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