How To Sing In Mixed Voice

vocal break Mar 12, 2021
If you've ever wanted to learn how to sing in mixed voice, sing higher and more powerful, and feel completely in control of your voice… then you are in the right place!
Do you ever find yourself thinking these questions while you sing? 
  • Do I put this in head voice or chest voice? 
  • Is my voice going to crack? 
  • Is this going to sound bad? 
  • Am I going to hit that high note? 
If you have these thoughts, then you are in luck. I’m here to teach you how to sing in mixed voice! 

How To Sing In Mixed Voice  - What Is Mixed Voice And Why You Should Use It. 

When we talk about mixed voice, we are talking about mixing your head voice and your chest voice. 
Your chest voice is your more powerful sound, while your chest voice is your floatier sound. They use different muscle groups, but similar to how your biceps and triceps work together to lift heavy things, you can use your head and chest voices together to create different colors in your singing. 
Mastering how to sing in mixed voice is really important for things like singing higher and more powerful, but without straining, cracking, or being , because our bodies have a natural, physical limit when it comes to belting. 
What is a belt? A belt is when you take your chest voice really high for dramatic effect. Christina Aguilara and Idina Menzel are both great examples of someone who takes their belt really high. While we can all get better at our belt, we all do have a physical limit on how far we can take it. 
A lot of people tend to shy away from using their mixed voice because they worry it might lack power - but it doesn’t have to! You can use your head voice and chest voice in different ratios to create different colors. We use the french word “timbre” when talking about these different colors. Learning how to sing in mixed voice is all about changing up your ratio so that you can get the color that you want. 

How To Sing In Mixed Voice  - The Step By Step Process

In order to sing in mixed voice, you first have to feel comfortable mastering your vocal break . 
What is your vocal break? It’s the spot where your singing switches from head voice to chest voice.  
Mastering this is a huge hurdle for so many singers, but once you master it, your world will open before your eyes. Here’s how to get started: 


1. Strengthen your head voice.
Most mainstream music today is very chest heavy and most of us speak in our chest voice as well, so those are the muscles that we use most often. Many singers, especially men, tend to shy away from training their head voice because they fear they will sound like an opera singer, or too breathy. 
But that’s a big mistake. If you don’t train your head voice,  you won’t have the musculature or the ability to mix your colors. 
2. Strengthen your chest voice.
It’s important to train your chest voice in a healthy way so that you are able to sustain it longer. 
3. Once both of those muscle groups are strong on their own, begin to mix your head and chest voice. 
Start shifting back and forth, getting used to and starting to navigate that shift. Once you train that shift, it is going to start coming natural to you, you will stop questioning yourself, and you will feel proud of it! 
4. Expand your range and play around with your ratio and colors. 
Ask yourself: “How do I want this to sound?” or “What emotion do I want to portray?”. Play around with your vocal ratio to see what different colors and emotions you can achieve. 

If you want a step by step training over how to sing in mixed voice, sing higher and more powerful, and feel completely in control of your voice, I show you exactly how to do this the easy way, inside of my course, Sing Higher Elite.
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