How To Sing In Mixed Voice

vocal break Mar 12, 2021
If you've ever wanted to learn how to sing in mixed voice, sing higher and more powerful, and feel completely in control of your voice… then you are in the right place!
Do you ever find yourself thinking these questions while you sing? 
  • Do I put this in head voice or chest voice? 
  • Is my voice going to crack? 
  • Is this going to sound bad? 
  • Am I going to hit that high note? 
If you have these thoughts, then you are in luck. I’m here to teach you how to sing in mixed voice! 

How To Sing In Mixed Voice  - What Is Mixed Voice And Why You Should Use It. 

When we talk about mixed voice, we are talking about mixing your head voice and your chest voice. 
Your chest voice is your more powerful sound, while your chest voice is your floatier sound. They use different muscle groups, but similar to how your biceps and triceps work together to lift heavy things, you can use your head and...
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Episode 141: Tips To Switch Between Your Head Voice To Chest Voice Easily

This month it's all about singing higher. The topics in Episodes 139, 140, and 141 all work together to help you to learn more about singing higher.

Today, we talk about switching between your head and chest voice more quickly and give you some easy tips to help you out.

When you can navigate your vocal break better, it makes you feel more comfortable with your singing and then you can even more fun in your daily singing!

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Episode 140: All About Your Vocal Break

When you are able to navigate your vocal break you can sing higher with power more and ease. You'll be able to feel much more confident about your singing because you aren't worried about that in between place where it cracks, your vocal break.

Your complete singing higher solution:

Sing Higher Elite, get it inside The Star Singer Green Room.

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