4 Things To Focus On To Improve Your Singing Now

improve your singing Jan 27, 2021

If you are trying to improve your singing, you may feel:
  • Completely overwhelmed about what to do next 
  • Unsure what to practice in order to hear your singing improve
  • Worried about how you sound all the time.
  • Like your singing is “good enough.”
  • Like your singing isn’t the best it can be.
If this is you, you are NOT alone! 
As singers and musicians - you have a LOT going on...you are 
  • Writing music
  • Recording music
  • Releasing singles
  • Marketing 
  • Rehearsing
Totally understand! You are super busy - but if you aren’t continuing to work on your singing - there is NO marketing plan that is going to save you if you don’t feel completely confident about the music that you are releasing. 
You need a consistent training plan that you can do 10-15 minutes a day 3-4 times a week in order to be at your very best and continue to improve! Knowing that you are on top of your game is so important for your confidence as well! 
Do you know what the 1 thing that you could be doing right now in order to move your singing forward the fastest?
If not, you are not alone! I am here to help!
So if you are feeling overwhelmed, I want to make this super simple for you! 
Here are 4 BIG things that can really move your singing forward - especially if you focus on one at a time. 
I’m so curious - which one do you feel will move the needle forward THE MOST for you? 

Which one of these will Improve YOUR Singing the MOST?


Mastery - the ability to control your voice and become a master of your craft. Do you feel completely comfortable, confident, and in total control of your singing? 

Repertoire - the songs that you are performing or recording. How do these represent what you want to do as an artist? The gigs that you want to perform? The singles you want to record? How do these fit and flatter your unique voice?

Emotional Connection - your ability to connect with your audience and make a deep emotional connection. 

Performance Adaptability - your ability to adapt to any performance situation, especially if it’s out of your control. 

Improve Your Singing: Action Steps


Here are the action steps that you can take today to improve your singing based on which one is going to move your singing forward the most right now. 
Mastery - technical vocal training. Get started here with my free vocal training over how to sing like a paid professional without boring or pointless vocal warm-ups. 
Repertoire - Brain dump all of the songs that you know from memory. Which type of songs flatter your voice or the gigs or opportunities that you prefer? How can you craft set lists that really reflect who you are as an artist?
Emotional Connection - one of the best ways to work on emotional connection is  1:1 voice lessons and working with a vocal coach or performing in front of your peers/colleagues, or going live on social media. 
Performance Adaptability - Performances are real life. Even the best prepared performers need to learn how to adapt to crazy situations and use it to enhance your performance. You can do this through your own experience or you can be a part of our group training, Impactful Performer, which is a small 8 week live group coaching program that we do a few times a year. Get on the waitlist for Impactful Performer here. Just say “Impactful Performer” inside your e-mail!  
I’m so curious to hear which one of these will move your singing career forward right now! So, feel free to send me a DM on IG @TiffanyVanBoxtel with your answer! 
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