How To Sing In Tune - How Joyce Eliminated Pitch Issues In 3 Months

Want to learn how to sing in tune and eliminate pitch problems for good? Joyce did and you can too! 
I sat down with Joyce, a member of the Star Singer Green Room, to chat about how she eliminated pitch problems in her live performances in just 3 months!
You can find Joyce at 
Joyce is offering free 20 minute consultations for the first 20 people, just contact her through her contact page and say "Star Singer." 
Ready to learn how to sing in tune and eliminate pitch problems just like Joyce did inside The Star Singer Green Room? Check out this free training over how to sing like a paid pro without boring or pointless vocal warm-ups.


How To Sing In Tune: How Joyce got started


Joyce started singing back in Jr. High, and actually got kicked out of her first choir for having pitch issues! She didn’t want to let this get to her, though,  so she kept singing! When she joined an adult choir in high school, she started...
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How To Get Your Voice Back To Where It Used To Be And Beyond

Do any of these sound like you? 
  • You felt like you were a pretty decent singer before, but you’ve been out of practice for a while now. 
  • You are a bit older and wonder if it’s even possible to get your voice back to where it once was. 
  • You are recovering from vocal fatigue, overuse, or a vocal injury in the past. 
  • You are looking for a way to maintain and improve your voice
I’ve helped a ton of singers with this exact thing. In fact, I actually have an episode over this with Star Singer Green Room member, Deborah. She is a seasoned singer doing amazing things, so check out her episode where we go through her journey!
Let’s start out with the facts: 
  • The voice is in it’s prime between the ages of 35-45.. MUCH later than a ton of other things.
  • Your body is your instrument - “you don’t use it you lose it.”
  • You can train your vocal muscle groups just like any...
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How To Become A Better Singer And Change Negative Thoughts About Your Singing

Do you have negative thoughts about your singing?


Maybe you…
...Were told that you'd never be a great singer
...Constantly worry about how you sound
...Were told that you are out of tune when you sing
...That you need to work on your pronunciation
If you are having these thoughts, you are not alone!
All of these thoughts floating around in your head from yourself, our culture, and other people are not helping you to improve your singing, in fact, they are holding you back.
So how DO we get over those negative thoughts about our singing? That, and how to become a better singer overall, are exactly what we are going to go through here! 
I'll show you the exact process that I use to help singers discover how to become a better singer, going from worried about how you sound to confident and in control of your voice with this free training >


How To Become A Better Singer - What does it mean to sound...

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4 Things To Focus On To Improve Your Singing Now

improve your singing Jan 27, 2021

If you are trying to improve your singing, you may feel:
  • Completely overwhelmed about what to do next 
  • Unsure what to practice in order to hear your singing improve
  • Worried about how you sound all the time.
  • Like your singing is “good enough.”
  • Like your singing isn’t the best it can be.
If this is you, you are NOT alone! 
As singers and musicians - you have a LOT going are 
  • Writing music
  • Recording music
  • Releasing singles
  • Marketing 
  • Rehearsing
Totally understand! You are super busy - but if you aren’t continuing to work on your singing - there is NO marketing plan that is going to save you if you don’t feel completely confident about the music that you are releasing. 
You need a consistent training plan that you can do 10-15 minutes a day 3-4 times a week in order to be at your very best and continue to improve! Knowing that you are on top of your game is so...
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How To Improve Your Singing In Less Than 10 Minutes A Day

improve your singing Jan 25, 2021

What if you could improve your singing voice in less than 10 minutes a day? It’s totally possible and here’s how. 


Why Your Singing Isn’t Improving Right Now 


  • You are running scales mindlessly or practicing your vocal warm-ups without thinking about anything specific. 
  • You aren’t sure exactly what to practice so you’ve been practicing the same vocal warm-ups for years. 
  • No wonder you aren’t getting any better! 
  • You know that you should be practicing your scales or warm-ups, but they are SO boring and your singing is not improving anyway! 

Strategies To Improve Your Singing Faster 


  • Muscle memory and repetition -...
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A Vocal Training Plan To Improve Your Singing 10x Faster

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you tried, your singing never seems to get any better? You are not alone! If you want to improve your singing, you need a step-by-step vocal training plan. A vocal training plan is essential so that you can: 
  • Use a step-by-step process that has actually worked for singers just like you. 
  • Stop wasting your time wondering what to practice because you know exactly what to do next. 
  • Improve your singing in as little as 10-15 minutes a day 3-4 times a week. 

7 Things That Your Training Plan Needs To Have In Order To Improve Your Singing

Purpose -  WHY do we train in this order? Why does this vocal exercise come first? A lot of vocal methods are not step-by-step and if they are they don’t really tell you the purpose of WHY you are training the way that you are. It is SO important to know the purpose of why you are doing what you are doing so that you can have a deeper understanding of your training. 
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