How To Sing Higher With More Power, Consistency, and Control

sing higher Jan 29, 2021

If you want to learn how to sing higher with more power and consistency it is totally possible and you’ve come to the right place! This is something that I help singers with ALL the time. So if you feel like:
  • No matter how hard you try your high notes don’t come out the way that you want. 
  • You have no idea what to practice so that your high notes sound good. 
  • You find yourself cracking, straining or pushing your high notes.
  • Your high notes are inconsistent - some days they sound ok, but other days they sound terrible! 
If this is you, I’m going to show you how to sing higher the easy way. 

How to Sing Higher: Release The Voice  


One of the biggest mistakes that singers make is not learning how to release the voice and build a strong singing foundation of the basics of singing first before they try singing higher. I work on developing a strong singing foundation with my singers 1:1 and in the Green Room in their first 1-3 months of training. 
This is totally normal and actually makes a lot of sense because you may think - oh if I want to sing higher, I should practice singing higher. Even though it seems to make sense, learning how to release the voice first is SO powerful, because it will eliminate inconsistency and pitch problems in the future!
Even if you feel like you’ve been singing for a while or have taken voice lessons in the past, I highly recommend making sure that you have a strong singing foundation first so that you can eliminate pitch and consistency problems in the future AND you won’t have to go back and relearn the basics one year from now...something that I see singers who try to do it themselves ALL the time. 
If you want to do this the easy way - I have a complete course called Sing Higher Elite that helps singers to sing higher and more powerful. Inside the course we go through the following steps so that you can sing higher and more powerful and more comfortable navigate your vocal break...the easy way. It's all muscle memory and these vocal exercises to sing higher work. 

How to Sing Higher: Strengthen The Head Voice 


Your head voice is the higher, more floaty part of your voice. Many singers neglect to strengthen this part of the voice when trying to sing higher because maybe you don’t like the tone or you don’t imagine singing with that sort of sound in the future. 
This is a huge mistake. 
Your head voice and chest voice work together in a bicep/tricep sort of relationship to help you to sing higher with more power more efficiently. Most singers try to use complete chest voice in order to muscle and push their way higher and this is going to create a TON of problems. Problems like your pitch being inconsistent, your vocal tone sounding completely disconnected or even hurting your voice long term. 
Strengthening the head voice is the second thing that I recommend singers do in order to learn how to sing higher and more powerful AND sound good. 
Your head voice is a completely different muscle group than your chest voice. It needs some practice and repetition. Think that this part of your voice sounds breathy and weak? That’s totally normal! As you continue to train this part of your voice, you will hear more core sound and your head voice will become stronger. 

How to Sing Higher: Developing Good Habits In The Chest Voice


Your chest voice is the part of your voice that you speak in. It typically feels like it has more power and weight...because it does. 
When most singers try to sing high, you are taking A TON of pressure with you as you go higher which can be super dangerous for the voice and also sound really bad if you do it wrong. 
Singing higher in the chest voice  is where a lot of vocal problems happen because it IS so powerful. When you try to take that power to a higher frequency in a high pressure environment...everything has to be perfect technique -wise. 
So, the next step for how to sing higher is to develop good vocal technique within the chest voice. 


How to Sing Higher: Blend The Head And Chest Voice


Learning how to blend the head and chest voice in order to sing higher is one of THE most powerful things that you can do. I have some amazing exercises for this inside of my course Sing Higher Elite to help you to sing higher and more powerful step-by-step.
Blending the head and chest voice or mixing the voice is SO powerful because it does a couple of things:
  • It allows you to use both your head and chest voice muscles to sing higher - making it a lot easier on the voice but it still sounds powerful. 
  • You can play with registration, timbre, and vocal tone depending on the type of song that you are singing or the sound that you are going for. 
  • You can more easily navigate the vocal break without wondering “where to put” your voice. 
  • Your voice will sound like one big connected voice instead of two different and disconnected voices.

How to Sing Higher: Expand Your Vocal Range 


This part is really fun! Now that you feel more comfortable in the vocal break and can sing higher a lot easier...we can expand your range, skills, and versatility. 
In this section, you get to learn and choose the ways to mix your voice that work with the song. Do you want to belt a certain song? Great! Do you want to mix the voice or sing in a complete head voice to create a more vulnerable feeling?
Now, you will be able to control your voice throughout your entire range and make artistic choices about how you want to use your voice along the way! 
If you are ready to sing higher and more powerful and just want a step by step course to help you to do that, so that you don't have to wonder what to do next, Sing Higher Elite is your solution! 
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