How To Be A Confident Singer: 3 Pillars

confidence Jan 26, 2021

The #1 goal for many singers is to be a confident singer. You want to know that your singing sounds awesome! Is that you? on.
 One of the biggest mistakes that singers make is the thought that…
“Confidence comes from experience, so if you just keep doing what you are doing you’ll get better…eventually.” - thinking this is normal...but also a huge mistake.
A couple of questions for you:
  • How do you envision using your singing now and in the future?
  • Is what you are doing right now getting you closer to that dream?
  • At your current rate of progress, when will you be living your dream?
So many singers have big dreams, but no plan. 
Most singers trying to develop their singing skills on their own aren’t hearing or feeling any improvement in their voice right why would you just keep doing what you are doing even though you aren’t hearing any results? Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Now, if this is you, you are not alone. 
So, you may be thinking…
“Ok then, where does vocal confidence come from?”
In my experience teaching 1:1 private voice lessons to over 60 singers a week for the last 10 years...literally THOUSANDS of voice lessons, I’ve found that there are 3 big components that help you to be a more confident singer.


How To Be A Confident Singer: 1


Knowing exactly what to do next to become a better singer. 


How do you know exactly what to do in order to become a better singer?
The answer: A Step-By-Step Vocal Training Plan 
A vocal training plan is powerful because with a vocal training plan you will be able to: 


  • Follow a proven plan that actually works and has worked for other singers just like you.
  • Know exactly what to do next and how to improve.
  • Stop wasting your time wondering what to do next. (Is this you?)

How To Be A Confident Singer: 2 


Train your voice so that it will respond automatically so that you can be in complete control of your singing without having to think about it. 


How do you train your voice so that your singing can be consistent and in your control without having to think or worry about it?
How? Muscle memory - tell your body to tell your brain what to do so it becomes automatic. 
Why Train For Muscle Memory?
  • When you repeat the skills enough in the desired way…your body does it automatically. You no longer have to remember to do a certain thing to make the sound come out the way that you want.
  • You no longer have to worry about if you can control your voice or if it is going to sound good, because you have repeated it so many times that now your body does it automatically!
  • Now, your brain has space and freedom to be able to focus on higher level, more creative, and more fun performance aspects.
  • Build the experience to be a more confident singer because you feel more confident. 
Here, we go more in depth into the exact process that I use with singers to help them to create muscle memory so you don’t have to constantly worry about how you sound here.


How To Be A Confident Singer: 3


Hearing and feeling your singing improve. 


A lot of singers get caught up in worrying about what other people think which is easy to do.
Confidence comes from what you think of yourself.
When you hear yourself improving and you know that you are at your best, you will automatically feel more confident. 
Practice with focused vocal exercises. When we focus on one specific thing during vocal training, the brain doesn’t have the space to create negative thoughts. 
Your negative thoughts are what's keeping you from becoming a more confident singer. Once, we get rid of those negative thoughts, it’s smooth sailing.


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