How To Become A Better Singer And Change Negative Thoughts About Your Singing

Do you have negative thoughts about your singing?


Maybe you…
...Were told that you'd never be a great singer
...Constantly worry about how you sound
...Were told that you are out of tune when you sing
...That you need to work on your pronunciation
If you are having these thoughts, you are not alone!
All of these thoughts floating around in your head from yourself, our culture, and other people are not helping you to improve your singing, in fact, they are holding you back.
So how DO we get over those negative thoughts about our singing? That, and how to become a better singer overall, are exactly what we are going to go through here! 
I'll show you the exact process that I use to help singers discover how to become a better singer, going from worried about how you sound to confident and in control of your voice with this free training >


How To Become A Better Singer - What does it mean to sound...

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How To Be A Confident Singer: The Psychology

confidence Jan 27, 2021

One of the biggest reasons that singers choose to work with me is because they want to know how to be a confident singer. Totally get it!
You want to feel:
  • Proud and confident of your voice. 
  • Like you are in total control of your singing and your voice comes out the way that you want. 

How To Be A Confident Singer: Brain Triggers


A trigger is any circumstance that happens that “triggers” a thought. Then thoughts trigger your actions which trigger consequences. 
Triggers can be:
  • Emotional 
  • Mental 
  • Environmental 
  • Social 
Most of the triggers that create the thoughts that prevent you from becoming a confident singer are emotional and mental. 


How To Be A Confident Singer: What Most Singers Do

Here’s an example of something that might happen if you are not training with a vocal coach, not following a program, or trying to do it yourself. 
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How To Be A Confident Singer: 3 Pillars

confidence Jan 26, 2021

The #1 goal for many singers is to be a confident singer. You want to know that your singing sounds awesome! Is that you? on.
 One of the biggest mistakes that singers make is the thought that…
“Confidence comes from experience, so if you just keep doing what you are doing you’ll get better…eventually.” - thinking this is normal...but also a huge mistake.
A couple of questions for you:
  • How do you envision using your singing now and in the future?
  • Is what you are doing right now getting you closer to that dream?
  • At your current rate of progress, when will you be living your dream?
So many singers have big dreams, but no plan. 
Most singers trying to develop their singing skills on their own aren’t hearing or feeling any improvement in their voice right why would you just keep doing what you are doing even though you aren’t hearing any results? Isn’t that the definition of...
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Episode 153: 3 Steps To Performing With More Confidence

confidence performance Oct 20, 2019


In this episode we go through 3 easy steps to help you perform with more confidence, so that you can get out of your head, do what you love and sound great.

Build your confidence with live trainings and the support of other singers just like you, Join our Free Facebook Group, Star Singers.

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Episode 149: Eliminate Stage Fright And Build Your Confidence


Confidence begins with action. In this episode, it's all about how you can take action today in order to eliminate your stage fright, build your confidence, and make your voice sound great!

If you are a singer who wants give better auditions and standing ovation-worthy performances, then you're not going to want to miss my free class, "Get Cast Fast: 4 Steps To Earning Your Dream Music Theatre Role."

Reserve your seat for the free class "Get Cast Fast: 4 Secrets To Earning Your Dream Music Theatre Role" here


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