How To Sing In Tune - How Joyce Eliminated Pitch Issues In 3 Months

Want to learn how to sing in tune and eliminate pitch problems for good? Joyce did and you can too! 
I sat down with Joyce, a member of the Star Singer Green Room, to chat about how she eliminated pitch problems in her live performances in just 3 months!
You can find Joyce at 
Joyce is offering free 20 minute consultations for the first 20 people, just contact her through her contact page and say "Star Singer." 
Ready to learn how to sing in tune and eliminate pitch problems just like Joyce did inside The Star Singer Green Room? Check out this free training over how to sing like a paid pro without boring or pointless vocal warm-ups.


How To Sing In Tune: How Joyce got started


Joyce started singing back in Jr. High, and actually got kicked out of her first choir for having pitch issues! She didn’t want to let this get to her, though,  so she kept singing! When she joined an adult choir in high school, she started getting tips and words of encouragement from the singers around her, and she ended up getting her first solo. 
She then started playing piano, which is where she started learning music theory and music composition. These things all helped her as she got older and got into writing music, which is what she always wanted to do!
Joyce went to community college for Classical Singing but didn’t feel free enough or like the music represented her and her voice well enough, so she made the decision to enroll in Musicians Institute in Los Angeles to learn how to sing more contemporary music like funk, soul, and jazz. 
When Covid hit in 2020, Joyce’s voice lessons and performances came to a halt and she noticed she started losing steam and the desire to practice. So, she joined the Star Singer Green Room and found a training plan that she could stick to! 
Since joining the Star Singer Green Room, she’s noticed some amazing changes. She has full command of her voice now, and noticed that the pitch issues she used to have during performances are gone!


How To Sing In Tune: Eliminating pitch issues


When Joyce began performing again after Covid, she noticed that no matter how good she felt after she practiced, she still felt so nervous before her performances which caused her to get pitchy. Since she joined the Green Room, she has a much better command of her voice and really learned how to sing in tune! Here’s what made a difference: 
  • Sing at a Level 8 out of 10 
This sounds so simple, but it’s actually pretty hard to get the hang of and a major part of how to sing in tune! When you do it correctly, your body gets used to releasing your voice. Then, when it’s time to perform, your body is already used to singing with that amount of energy so you avoid pitch issues! 
  • Silent breath 
Breathe in through your nose with an open mouth in order to keep the trachea open. This will make your pitch and vocal tone more consistent instantly. It's an easy tweak, so give it a try. 
  • Timing of the breath
Joyce noticed that she had a tendency to hold her notes longer than she needed. Planning out her breathing and being mindful of where the cut off is and how that affected her breath made a huge difference for her!
  • Focusing on one point at a time
So many singers are used to having their minds go in all different directions, and that can get overwhelming! Having one point to focus on at a time helps singers to see improvement overall. 


How To Sing In Tune: Why the Green Room was the right choice for Joyce


With all of her experience, education, and training, why did Joyce choose the Green Room? 
She attended my masterclasses over How To Sing Like A Paid Professional In 1 Year Without Boring and Pointless Vocal Warm-Ups. She had had some questions and issues that she had been trying to work through on her own, and when she heard my responses to those issues, she had a breakthrough! 
In addition to wanting to learn how to sing in tune, Joyce really wanted to work on truly finding her voice and where it fits best. She writes a lot of her own music, and often found herself writing out of her range! She knew that even with her past experience, she still needed guidance and instruction to keep growing as an artist.
SO many singers will say that their dream is to be a professional singer, but that taking lessons or working with a coach isn’t a priority! However, the singers that see the best results out of this program are the ones that want to continue to learn and grow and be at their best. That mindset is going to set singers up for success! 
Of all the training and lessons in the Green Room, one that Joyce found particularly valuable is our monthly Coaching Calls.  Coaching calls are an opportunity for members to ask me any questions about their singing and vocal performances on a live zoom call! They are also an opportunity for members to learn from each other and realize that they are not alone in a lot of the problems they face!


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