How To Manage Vocal Fatigue

 I get a ton of questions over vocal fatigue or wanting to improve your vocal stamina. I get it! You want to control your voice and keep it healthy. I'm going to show you how you can sound amazing AND manage vocal fatigue.
You'll discover:
  • What is vocal fatigue and what are some signs of vocal fatigue?
  • The magic ratio of glottal resistance vs airflow
  • The recommended vocal exercises for airflow
  • How to solve problems within the context of your songs through vocal exercises.
  • Solutions for airflow and pitch problems 


How To Manage Vocal Fatigue - What is Vocal Fatigue?


Vocal fatigue could be when you hear a raspiness or breathiness when you sing or you feel a loss of access to some notes. One of the very first signs of vocal fatigue is when you lose access to a range of notes - if this happens to you, stop singing immediately! 
Being aware of how your voice sounds and feels is so important because it is so easy to...
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Episode 150: The #1 Secret To Total Control Over Your Voice

vocal control Oct 20, 2019


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