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30 Days Access To The Star Singer Green Room


30 Days for $1

  • Signature Green Room Course Material ($5,000 Value)
  • Step-By-Step Video and Audio Voice Lessons ($199 Value)
  • Access to our Library of Coaching Call and Masterclass Replays ($199 Value)
  • Green Room APP for easy on the go practice ($99 Value)
  • 30 Day Access To Our Coaching Calls ($99 Value)
  • 30 Day Access To Our Private FB Group ($99 Value)
  • BONUS 30 Day Access To Sing Higher Elite 
Try it out for just $1!

You have big dreams like...

  • Performing in front of an audience with complete confidence - no worry, anxiety, or stage fright.
  • Recording your own album and feeling proud of the finished result.
  • Making a big impact with your music.
  • Becoming an international touring musician.
  • Healing people with your music and singing.
  • Getting paid to do what you love, sing and perform!

But it feels like there are some things standing in your way...


  • You don't have a lot of time to practice or hundreds of dollars a month to spend on private voice lessons.
  • You're worried that you might not have the talent or experience to achieve your dreams.
  • You've tried some YouTube videos and maybe have even had a few voice lessons, but nothing really seemed to work for you and you couldn't hear or feel a big difference in your singing.
  • You're not sure what makes your voice unique or how to stand out from the crowd.
  • You want your voice to be more consistent. It sounds ok when you practice, but it's all over the place during a performance or from day to day.
  • You feel like you don't have any support, zero guidance, and you aren't sure where to start.  

You Are Not Alone! This is exactly why I created the Star Singer Green Room!

Hi! I'm Tiffany 

I help singers feel confident, proud, and in total control of their singing and vocal performances.

Over the last 10 years, I've worked 1:1 with singers to give performances and create recordings that they are proud of using the 4 Step Dream Performance Process. This process has worked for hundreds of singers and it will work for you too!

I want to make this SO easy for you, so all you have to do is join us inside the Green Room so that you can transform your singing and vocal performances and FINALLY make a deeper connection with your audience and bigger impact with your music.

Join Now!


  • Feeling comfortable, confident, and in control every time that you sing.
  • Discovering a voice that is even better then you imagined!
  • Living your dream and blowing your own damn mind!
  • ENJOYING your singing, instead of worrying what you sound like!

This is SO possible for you!

So What Exactly Is The Star Singer Green Room?

In the theatre and performance world, a Green Room is where performers hang out together and prepare for performances.

The Star Singer Green Room is a 12 month program takes you step by step to improve your singing, and give your best, most confident, and in control vocal performances...because when you stop worrying about what you sound like or hitting that high note, you can FINALLY begin to focus on making a deeper emotional connection with your audience.

When you join, you'll get immediate access to everything inside.

The Star Singer System

Create your 90 day BIG picture singing plan so that you know exactly what to do next based on your unique dreams and goals.

Sing Higher Elite

FINALLY sing those high notes with ease and consistency!

Voice Lessons and Courses

There are dozens of voice lessons inside the Star Singer Green Room so that you can learn the foundational and advanced techniques to feel more confident in your voice.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Online monthly coaching calls are all about YOU so that you can get the guidance you need and all your questions answered! These calls are a combo of Q and A and feedback on your singing. 


Each month, Tiffany dedicates 1 hour of her time to take a deep dive into 2 singers vocals. These classes are included in your membership and feature 2 singers booked first come-first serve. These are basically like a voice lesson! 

This class is given "Masterclass Style" so everyone is invited to attend but our focus will be on our 2 featured singers. 

Private Facebook Community

Get feedback on your singing from Tiffany, share your big wins, ask questions, and get support from other singers just like you inside of our Members Only Facebook Community! 

Feeling stuck? Post in our community and we'll help within 24 hours. This is POWERFUL guidance. You do not have to do this alone.

Tiffany also goes live inside the FB community once a week and does a voice lesson based on your vote!

Are you raising your hand to giving confident vocal performances that you are proud of and finally creating a bigger impact with your music?