How To Improve Your Singing In Less Than 10 Minutes A Day

improve your singing Jan 25, 2021

What if you could improve your singing voice in less than 10 minutes a day? It’s totally possible and here’s how. 


Why Your Singing Isn’t Improving Right Now 


  • You are running scales mindlessly or practicing your vocal warm-ups without thinking about anything specific. 
  • You aren’t sure exactly what to practice so you’ve been practicing the same vocal warm-ups for years. 
  • No wonder you aren’t getting any better! 
  • You know that you should be practicing your scales or warm-ups, but they are SO boring and your singing is not improving anyway! 

Strategies To Improve Your Singing Faster 


  • Muscle memory and repetition - when a sound comes out that you like you can think “what specifically was I doing differently to get that sound?” What was I thinking at that moment? Then repeat the thought that makes your singing improve and sound better.  Tell your body to tell your brain what to do and then your singing becomes automatic. Once your technique becomes automatic, you can stop worrying about how your singing sounds and start to focus on other, more creative, performance aspects of your singing. 
  • Focus points/triggers - these are the specific thoughts that we can think in order to hear improvement in our singing and develop that muscle memory. 

Want to learn more strategies about how to improve your singing faster? Check out my free training over the Pro Singer System to help you to sing like a paid professional without boring or pointless vocal warm-ups. 

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