How To Become A Better Singer And Change Negative Thoughts About Your Singing

Do you have negative thoughts about your singing?


Maybe you…
...Were told that you'd never be a great singer
...Constantly worry about how you sound
...Were told that you are out of tune when you sing
...That you need to work on your pronunciation
If you are having these thoughts, you are not alone!
All of these thoughts floating around in your head from yourself, our culture, and other people are not helping you to improve your singing, in fact, they are holding you back.
So how DO we get over those negative thoughts about our singing? That, and how to become a better singer overall, are exactly what we are going to go through here! 
I'll show you the exact process that I use to help singers discover how to become a better singer, going from worried about how you sound to confident and in control of your voice with this free training >


How To Become A Better Singer - What does it mean to sound “good”?

One of the biggest mistakes that singers make is that they want to make a deep, emotional connection through their singing, but they spend so much time worrying if they sound good and worrying about how to become a better singer. 
But what does it even mean to sound good? What is your end goal? 
“Sounding good” is objective, and worrying about it can create a lot of problems! But don’t worry - this is totally normal! 
When you get up to begin your performance, what is your brain saying to you? 
You're probably thinking…
...Am I good enough? 
...Do they think I sound good? 
...I forgot to breathe there! 
...Ugh, that high note sounded awful
...I forgot the words!
...Am I in tune? 
Performance situations can trigger a fight or flight response in your brain and pump up your adrenaline and energy, causing these thoughts to hit you at lightning speed. 
But imagine if you went to a performance and you weren’t worried about these things. Imagine you are happy, comfortable, excited, in control, confident, relaxed….
Now imagine if after that performance you feel PROUD. Wouldn’t that be great? We all want to sound great, but that doesn’t mean that we should spend our entire performance worrying about how we sound. 
So, how DO we know if we sound good? 
Sounding good is about developing your most natural, efficient, free voice. Your voice is at its best and sounds great when you are comfortable and in control of your voice, and it FEELS good. 
If you are evaluating your singing just by how it sounds, you are missing out! Singing, when done correctly, feels good, comfortable, and powerful. So many singers waste so much time on sounding good, so I am encouraging you to think about how it feels in your body when you sing. 
So, how do you change these thoughts? You need to develop your natural and free voice. 


How To Become A Better Singer - Focus points

When I’m working with a singer, either in my studio or inside the Star Singer Green Room, we have a checklist of focus points to work on while singing that all guide you on how to become a better singer. 
One of these focus points is “breathe on beat 8” for an exercise that is an 8 beat pattern. Pretty much every singer I work with, regardless of experience, thinks about rhythm, but it eliminates SO many problems. 
It sounds really easy, but when you are actually doing the exercise your brain is going to start offering you all kinds of thoughts. In order to keep yourself from getting distracted, you are going to have to keep reminding yourself of your focus point - breathe on beat 8. When you are focusing on this, there will be no space for those other negative thoughts to come in. And, bonus - you will start to hear your singing improve because when you are doing the exercise, you are focusing on something, rather than letting your brain run wild. 
So many singers do vocal warmups without focusing on anything because they don’t know what to focus on. Every single warmup I do with singers in my studio and in the Star Singer Green Room have a focus so that you can not only get rid of those negative thoughts, but you can hear you singing improve and begin to feel more confident and have less negative thoughts. So many wins from just one simple change to the way you practice! 
If you want to learn more about how to become a better singer, the process I use, and how this process develops muscle memory to amplify your singing by 4X every single practice session, go to and check out the free training over how to sing like a paid professional in just one year without boring or pointless vocal warmups!
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