Singing Higher - All About The Head Voice

Are you a singer who wants to… 
...sing higher? 
...increase your vocal range?
...reduce strain and tension in your voice?
...add more color and expressivity to your voice? 
If you said “Yes”, then you are in the right place! 
If you aren’t training your head voice, you are missing out. One of the biggest mistakes I see singers make is trying to limit themselves to just singing in their chest voice. 

All About The Head Voice  - What is the head voice?

The head voice is the higher, floatier part of your vocal range. It actually uses different muscle groups than your chest voice! 
There are SO many different colors to the head voice. A lot of singers are tentative about singing in their head voice because they feel like it sounds breathy or weak, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Singers are also tentative about singing in head voice because in western music, we don’t often...
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How to Control Your Vibrato When Singing

pitch vocal technique Jun 14, 2021

 Vibrato is an amazing tool that you can use as a singer to monitor your improvement, freedom, efficiency, vocal tone, and vocal control. 
This episode is for you if you’ve been wondering:
  • What is vibrato?
  • When does vibrato happen?
  • How do you control vibrato as a singer?
If you want to feel completely comfortable, confident, and in control of your voice feel free to check out this free training over how to sing like a paid pro without boring or pointless vocal warm-ups here >


How To Control Your Vibrato When Singing: What is vibrato?


The dictionary defines vibrato as “a rapid, slight variation in pitch in singing or playing some musical instruments, producing a stronger or richer tone”. 
Wikipedia defines vibrato as “a musical effect consisting of a regular, pulsating change of pitch. It is used to add expression to vocal and instrumental music. Vibrato is typically categorized...
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How To Sing In Tune - How Joyce Eliminated Pitch Issues In 3 Months

Want to learn how to sing in tune and eliminate pitch problems for good? Joyce did and you can too! 
I sat down with Joyce, a member of the Star Singer Green Room, to chat about how she eliminated pitch problems in her live performances in just 3 months!
You can find Joyce at 
Joyce is offering free 20 minute consultations for the first 20 people, just contact her through her contact page and say "Star Singer." 
Ready to learn how to sing in tune and eliminate pitch problems just like Joyce did inside The Star Singer Green Room? Check out this free training over how to sing like a paid pro without boring or pointless vocal warm-ups.


How To Sing In Tune: How Joyce got started


Joyce started singing back in Jr. High, and actually got kicked out of her first choir for having pitch issues! She didn’t want to let this get to her, though,  so she kept singing! When she joined an adult choir in high school, she started...
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Breathing Techniques For Singers: How Deborah Transformed Her Understanding Of The Breath and Was Nominated Amazing Female Voice Of The Year.

breathing May 10, 2021


Deborah is a member of the Star Singer Green Room, a paid community for singers, singer-songwriters and independent artists who want to give performances that they are proud of.
Deborah was nominated for Amazing Female Voice 2020 in 2 categories!
 You can find Deborah's music on all streaming platforms, or on her website,


I sat down to chat with Deborah about: 
  • Deborah's musical journey and why she chose to join the Green Room.
  • How, even after working with 10 voice teachers, Deborah didn't feel like she had a great understanding of the breath and how to use it.
  • What Deborah discovered about the breath and how it helps her to sing higher and feel more confident.
  • Why the external intercostals should be focused on instead of the diaphragm.
  • Releasing the breath vs. conserving the breath.
Want to see if you are a good fit for the Green Room? Watch this free training over how to give performances that you are proud of >...
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How To Manage Vocal Fatigue

 I get a ton of questions over vocal fatigue or wanting to improve your vocal stamina. I get it! You want to control your voice and keep it healthy. I'm going to show you how you can sound amazing AND manage vocal fatigue.
You'll discover:
  • What is vocal fatigue and what are some signs of vocal fatigue?
  • The magic ratio of glottal resistance vs airflow
  • The recommended vocal exercises for airflow
  • How to solve problems within the context of your songs through vocal exercises.
  • Solutions for airflow and pitch problems 


How To Manage Vocal Fatigue - What is Vocal Fatigue?


Vocal fatigue could be when you hear a raspiness or breathiness when you sing or you feel a loss of access to some notes. One of the very first signs of vocal fatigue is when you lose access to a range of notes - if this happens to you, stop singing immediately! 
Being aware of how your voice sounds and feels is so important because it is so easy to...
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How To Get Your Voice Back To Where It Used To Be And Beyond

Do any of these sound like you? 
  • You felt like you were a pretty decent singer before, but you’ve been out of practice for a while now. 
  • You are a bit older and wonder if it’s even possible to get your voice back to where it once was. 
  • You are recovering from vocal fatigue, overuse, or a vocal injury in the past. 
  • You are looking for a way to maintain and improve your voice
I’ve helped a ton of singers with this exact thing. In fact, I actually have an episode over this with Star Singer Green Room member, Deborah. She is a seasoned singer doing amazing things, so check out her episode where we go through her journey!
Let’s start out with the facts: 
  • The voice is in it’s prime between the ages of 35-45.. MUCH later than a ton of other things.
  • Your body is your instrument - “you don’t use it you lose it.”
  • You can train your vocal muscle groups just like any...
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How To Become A Better Singer And Change Negative Thoughts About Your Singing

Do you have negative thoughts about your singing?


Maybe you…
...Were told that you'd never be a great singer
...Constantly worry about how you sound
...Were told that you are out of tune when you sing
...That you need to work on your pronunciation
If you are having these thoughts, you are not alone!
All of these thoughts floating around in your head from yourself, our culture, and other people are not helping you to improve your singing, in fact, they are holding you back.
So how DO we get over those negative thoughts about our singing? That, and how to become a better singer overall, are exactly what we are going to go through here! 
I'll show you the exact process that I use to help singers discover how to become a better singer, going from worried about how you sound to confident and in control of your voice with this free training >


How To Become A Better Singer - What does it mean to sound...

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How To Start A Singing Career - with Rick Barker

getting started Mar 31, 2021

Rick Barker is the host of the Music Industry Blueprint Podcast, Former Manager of Taylor Swift. Co-Author of The $150,000 Music Degree. If you want to learn how to start a singing career, this is for you. 
 We chat about:
  • Rick's journey from radio host, to manager of Taylor Swift, to his online program The Music Industry Blueprint.
  • How the internet has changed the game for the music industry.
  • The roles and responsibilities of managers for singers and music artists.
  • Keeping solution-oriented and honest mentors in your life and the right group of people to help you.
  • Everyone needs a vocal coach and it is an ongoing process.
  • Slow down, be patient and focus on YOU and your craft.
  • Make investments in yourself first and then turn this into a business and career.
  • The 4 best ways to market your music for free.


How To Start A Singing Career - Rick’s Journey


Nearly 30 years ago, Rick got his start in the music industry in radio. He...
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How To Release A Single And Rock Your Next Release - with Bree Noble

getting started Mar 25, 2021

 If you've released an album, or want to learn how to release a single, album, or EP... you are not going to want to miss this. Bree Noble shares the secrets of how to release a single so that it's a success!
 We go over:
  • The most strategic way to release your music.
  • The biggest mistakes that people make when releasing their albums.
  • The old music industry vs. the new music industry.
  • The best time to release your album
  • How long does it take in order to release an album and really get the most out of it?
  • How can we ensure a successful release?
Want to make sure that your vocals are on point before your next album release? I've created a free training that goes through the 4 step Pro Singer System so that you can feel comfortable, confident, and in total control of your voice on stage and in the recording studio. We go over this inside the free training here >



How to Release a Single - Who is...

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How To Sing Better: The Secret To Singing With More Consistency

sing with consistency Mar 17, 2021


If you want to learn how to sing better, want your singing to be more consistent and want to feel in total control of your voice, then you are in the right place!


I’m about to go through the exact process that I use with first time students to help you learn how to sing better. 
Ready for what's next? Head over to this free training so that you can discover what you truly need to do in order to move your singing forward >


How To Sing Better: A Very Important Question For You

The very first thing I do with new singers in my studio is ask them one big question… but I’m not going to tell you what that question is just yet. 
Right now, stop reading and sing a song. It should be a song that you're comfortable with. Sing one minute of that song, then come back. 
Did you do it? Awesome. Now here’s that question... 
One a scale of 1-10, how much did...
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