How To Sing In Mixed Voice

vocal break Mar 12, 2021
If you've ever wanted to learn how to sing in mixed voice, sing higher and more powerful, and feel completely in control of your voice… then you are in the right place!
Do you ever find yourself thinking these questions while you sing? 
  • Do I put this in head voice or chest voice? 
  • Is my voice going to crack? 
  • Is this going to sound bad? 
  • Am I going to hit that high note? 
If you have these thoughts, then you are in luck. I’m here to teach you how to sing in mixed voice! 

How To Sing In Mixed Voice  - What Is Mixed Voice And Why You Should Use It. 

When we talk about mixed voice, we are talking about mixing your head voice and your chest voice. 
Your chest voice is your more powerful sound, while your chest voice is your floatier sound. They use different muscle groups, but similar to how your biceps and triceps work together to lift heavy things, you can use your head and...
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How To Sing High Notes : 4 Reasons Why They Don’t Sound The Way That You Want

singing higher Feb 22, 2021


This episode is for you if when you try to sing high notes you:
  • Hate how you sound
  • Sing out of tune
  • Strain 
  • Crack
  • Want to control your voice much better
So, today I’m going to show you how to sing high notes the easy way, because there are really only 4 reasons why your high notes don’t sound the way that you want. 

How To Sing High Notes : 4 Reasons Why They Don’t Sound The Way That You Want 


1. Physical Range Limitations - this is really just a disclaimer. We DO have a physical range. A good example of this is, I am a I do not have the physical range of a man...I can only sing so low before it becomes a physical impossibility. The same thing is true when it comes to singing higher. Most women can be trained to sing up to an A5 - C6. Most men can easily train to sing up to a C5-E5. Any higher than that and physical limitations do come into play for most humans. :) This is NOT an excuse for you,...
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How To Relax When Singing: Avoid The Worst Singing Advice Ever!

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2021

This episode is for you if you:
  • Get nervous and tense before performing or recording 
  • Worry about if you sound good - pretty much all the time 
  • Think a LOT of negative thoughts about your singing. 
  • Feel like you are a pretty good singer, but you get horrible stage fright. 
  • Want to reduce the tension in your body when you sing. 
  • Want to use all that nervous energy to your advantage instead of freaking out. 
Have you ever heard someone tell you that you just need to relax in order to become a better singer?
Here are some examples:
  • Relax your jaw 
  • Relax your tongue
  • You have so much tension, you just need to relax.
  • Relax and let your voice out 

How To Relax When Singing: Distract Yourself 


Let’s pretend that you are having a conversation with someone and all of the sudden they tell you to “just relax.”...
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How To Control Your Voice When Singing

If you feel like when you sing:
  • Your voice feels out of control 
  • One day your pitch is just fine, but the next day it’s all over the place
  • Your voice doesn’t always feel the same 
  • When you practice, you voice sounds great, but in a performance, it doesn’t sound the way that you practice
There is 1 BIG reason why your voice feels out of control when you are singing and this is SO easy to tweak today. 


How To Control Your Voice When Singing: The #1 Thing


THE most important thing that you can do TODAY to control your voice long term is to: SING LOUDER.
Most of the singers that come in for a first voice lesson with me are singing too quietly to develop any sort of consistency. 
There may be a TON of reasons why you are choosing to sing quietly:
  • You want to make sure your pitch is on point first.
  • You aren’t sure if you sound good.
  • You don’t want to disturb your...
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How To Audition For American Idol and The Myths About Singing On Reality TV

auditions Feb 09, 2021

Have you ever wanted to audition for a reality TV show like American Idol or the voice? On this episode, we talk about reality singing shows, how to audition and how to use these shows to help you to maximize your career. 
Before you read on, make sure that you signed up for the Reality TV Show Summit HERE.
Brianna Ruelas is here to chat with us about all of that today and the myths that surround the reality TV space, because you don’t have to be a top 10 finalist to be successful on reality TV. 
According to Brianna, there are 2 types of singers who typically audition for these shows and BOTH have a great chance to be on the show. 
Novice Singer - bright eyed and bushy tailed singer who is excited to sing and create an opportunity. 
Seasoned Performer - been gigging for years, has a career and doesn’t NEED the show, but they recognize that this could be a bigger opportunity to share their message and build their...
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How To Improve Your Singing Voice Quality In 2 Weeks


Let’s transform your voice in 2 weeks! Today we are going to go through exactly what I would recommend for you if you were coming into my 1:1 studio for private lessons for the first time. 
This is for you if:
  • You have no idea where to start
  • You’ve been singing for a while, but you haven’t heard any improvement and you really need something step-by step. 
  • You have stopped singing for a while and want to get back the voice that you once had. 
This isn’t just for beginners! This is for anyone who wants to build a stronger singing foundation so that you can eliminate problems like pitch, inconsistent vocal tone and strain. 

How To Improve Your Singing Voice Quality In 2 Weeks: The Easy Way


If you just want to jump right in and go for it, I actually created a mini course called 2 week transformation which goes through everything that we would go through in the first 2 weeks...
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How To Become A Successful Singer: 8 Things Successful Singers Do

get started singing Feb 05, 2021

If you want to become a successful singer, whatever your version of becoming a “successful singer” means to you, you can do these 8 things or even just a few to get you closer to the singer that you want to become. 
These 8 things are the difference between a singer that actually improves and one who gets overwhelmed, frustrated, and gives up on their dreams
The great news is that these 8 things are TOTALLY in your control.


How to Become A Successful Singer : What does success mean to you? 


Becoming a successful singer can mean totally different things for different singers. Which one below describes how you envision using your singing now and in the future the best?
  • I’m a Songwriter who wants to feel more confident in my singing.
  • I want to become an international touring artist.
  • I just want to sing and feel good about my singing.
  • I want to be a recording artist. 
  • I want to use my vocals for TV and movie...
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How To Start Singing Better - The Easy Way

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2021

If you want to learn how to start singing better, the easy way...the way that you can ACTUALLY hear your singing improve.. then you need a strong singing foundation. This is something that I help singers with all the time and I am so excited to help you too. Most of the singers that I work with hear BIG changes in as little as 2-3 weeks with my method. 
This is NOT just for beginning singers. This is also for you if you:
  • Want to get more serious about your singing and are committed to developing the basics of singing and getting a strong grasp of these basics to build upon. 
  • You want to get back what you feel like you have lost vocally. 
  • Have had some voice lessons or tried some different programs, but nothing really seemed to work for you or you couldn’t hear any improvement in your singing and  you are ready for a change. 

You are not alone. It is easier to start singing better and I’m here to...
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How To Sing Higher In 5 Steps Without Losing Your Voice Or Going Hoarse

sing higher Feb 04, 2021

If you want to learn how to sing higher, feel in control of your singing, and sound great - I’m here to help! 
If you are losing your voice or hurting your voice in a short period of time - like singing 3-5 songs...we need to talk! 
I’ve helped a ton of singers just like you learn how to sing higher and they all say the same’s SO easy. Or, it feels like an out of body experience. Or, I didn’t know I had so much power! I want you to feel that way too!


How To Sing Higher: The Challenge 


One of the biggest challenges when it comes to singing higher is doing it in a way that protects your voice. Singing higher or trying to take the voice higher is CHALLENGING and our first instinct when it doesn’t come out the way that we want may be to 
  • Try harder
  • Push more 
  • Repeat the same thing over and over again really fast, continuing to sound worse and get more frustrated (this is a normal...
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How To Sing Higher With More Power, Consistency, and Control

sing higher Jan 29, 2021

If you want to learn how to sing higher with more power and consistency it is totally possible and you’ve come to the right place! This is something that I help singers with ALL the time. So if you feel like:
  • No matter how hard you try your high notes don’t come out the way that you want. 
  • You have no idea what to practice so that your high notes sound good. 
  • You find yourself cracking, straining or pushing your high notes.
  • Your high notes are inconsistent - some days they sound ok, but other days they sound terrible! 
If this is you, I’m going to show you how to sing higher the easy way. 

How to Sing Higher: Release The Voice  


One of the biggest mistakes that singers make is not learning how to release the voice and build a strong singing foundation of the basics of singing first before they try singing higher. I work on developing a strong singing foundation with my singers 1:1 and in the Green...
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